Chad DiBlasio

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Chad DiBlasio is a central-Ohio based wedding and portrait photographer with a serious passion for stories.

He’s been shooting for over a decade and loves to talk tech and help other entrepreneurs grow businesses through education and inspiration.

In this video you’ll learn:

  1. How focusing heavily on the wedding itself during consults is actually causing the very thing you’re trying to avoid (clients that don’t book).

  2. Why your clients really want to be lead by you, and how to do that properly right from their first contact.

  3. How to get permission from your client to sell them something, rather than trying to throw prices at them and pray they want something.

  4. How to help your clients get to the destination they really want to reach... and make good money in the process.

  5. Why you should stop focusing on your “ideal client” or if someone is a “good fit”... and what you NEED to focus on instead.

  6. The methods we use to book 75% of our consults on the spot just by understanding them; no slimy sales tactics or manipulation required!

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