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Printing Life


Do me a favor - Open your phone gallery and look at the number of photos you have stored on that device (mine is 1839). What are those photos of? Well, if I were speaking for me, they are of my kids, my business, my wife, projects I've started (or want to start), things I'd like to build, etc. All the things I wanted to "capture" in the moment like watching my 3 year old daughter fall asleep holding my hand. Or the day we had to put our oldest doggie down last month and the seemingly happy look she had in her eyes as we said our final goodbye as a family. Moments that, for the most part, make up the whole of our life and likely, some of the things we TRULY love. 

Now, do me another favor - Count how many of them you've printed. If I were to take a guess based off of doing this survey in a number of groups, it would be very little to none. For me, we've printed books off of my iPhone photos 1-2 times every year for the last 4 years. Not because I'm "better than you" at life. It has just become incredibly important to me as I've grown, lost family, had friends with unexpected illnesses, lost hard drives and had devices completely crap out the day before it was supposed to "update" and save all those images somewhere "safe." When we started printing them into books, quite simply, we looked at them more. We touched the pages and the physical fact of them being present in our home started encouraging our kids to look thru them and they say things like "THAT'S ME!" It seems to be permanently etching their part in OUR story into the pages of THEIR lives. I don't know how to fully explain it, but the science backs up that what we hold in our hands (physical prints/tangible items) versus what see with our eyes only (i.e. digitally like a phone or computer) is different to our brains and memory. There is a bit of disconnect when it's only digital. It doesn't have the same energy (if you wanna get a bit hippie with me) and our minds/bodies know it. So we print. Because it matters. I believe it is different and I think it matters to our clients too, even if what they are saying is that they want digital images. And yes, I realize the irony of talking about physical prints that you are reading on a digital format like a phone or tablet LOL! I think about it every time I read articles about print or experiences etc that you just "have to" see/do in person and I'm reading about it on my phone! But, the point is this - we have this incredible technology that we can carry EVERYWHERE and take photos of the most meaningful parts of our lives.

SO, lets not let those memories only exist on a digital drive. Here are my two suggestions - One is an AMAZING sale right now on a professional level printer that is undeniably gallery quality but really reasonable on ink and paper supplies. B&H is offering this deal with a $250 mail-in rebate for this printer/paper combo thru the end of the month which gets you this INSANELY good deal for $130 total and that's including 50 sheets of 13x9 paper! The second recommendation is the Artifact UprisingThey have an amazing app as well that we use to make our books and we LOVE their product. They have an incredible feel and are very conscious about using recycled materials and locally sustainable materials when they can! There you have it folks, two great options to start getting some of your beautiful memories printed out and enjoyed more often!

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