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Create Life Workshop/ ICELAND : April 7-10th 2019

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Iceland Edits_011.JPG

Create Life Workshop/ ICELAND : April 7-10th 2019

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Travel to Iceland with Montana Dennis and Chad DiBlasio for a trip that will inspire your soul, build your business and selling abilities and give you the push you need to give your clients the most INCREDIBLE, life-changing experiences they can have!

This is NOT just a trip for photographers. This is for people; moms, dads, entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, people who want better relationships and a deeper connection with the living the life they love!

Experience - It is our belief that when we take the time to really LIVE in the places we find ourselves, we live deeper and more fulfilled lives. This translates into connected and impacting businesses that NEVER lose their favor with the relationships they establish. We want to experience this land, it’s people and culture, the Northern Lights (hopefully!!!), food and OF COURSE photograph things/people here as we spend time traveling around the insane beauty that is Iceland, chatting over drinks and fires, and helping each other CREATE the lives we so desperately want and deserve!
Educate - Discipline isn’t a popular idea in our world, but we believe it’s the shortest and most effective path to true change. We will be leading activities and specified class times directed at helping you to create and establish health in your bodies, minds, relationships and business. We will also lead a discussion on healing hurt in our personal experiences as well as client relationships so that we can approach our interactions with business from a healthy mindset that lasts thru the fads and trends of marketing and social waves.
Encourage - Discussion led groups with Montana and Chad along with their spouses. This is how we will go about working thru the details of how you find places to give and grow in your business as well as your personal lives and relationships. We believe that SPEAKING life into the world around us is not only the ultimate fulfillment we experience, but also the way we create the type of business and life we can count on to be consistent in the areas we need to live life to the fullest!

Come fully expecting to run head-on into life, and to leave changed!

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